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How to Get the Most Out of Your Detty December

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We might be some way into December already, but the Detty December usually doesn’t start until about the middle of the month anyway. So that means you can really start planning how you want to turn up now.

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The only problem with this that after December comes January with its 233 days which usually means that people find themselves really broke after a while. A lot of the time, this is simply because there was too much ‘dirt’ during Detty December.

What this article aims to do is simply find a way to get you to enjoy your December while also not finding your pockets empty in January. Just follow these tips and you should be okay.

Plan your December

They say those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We all want to have fun during the December period, but let’s be honest, there are way too many shows. You can’t be at everyone. So, what you need to do is have a look at the calendar and determine which shows you want to go to. If you are someone who enjoys food and alternative music then look out for the Bez show, or some other event that involves the stuff you love. Also check out the price and see which ones are within the range. It makes no sense paying 40k for a Naira Marley concert when you can buy a cheaper ticket with lower priority for 10k. Don’t borrow to have fun this December, it might be fun now, but it’ll surely come back to screw you over.

Make a budget

Now you’ve had a look at all the events that you want to go for and how much each one would cost. Now it’s time to look at your pocket and see just how much of the events it can handle.

There are also end-of-year sales going on with several outlets, so budget those too and see what you can afford and what you can’t. Don’t go on a shopping-spree when you can’t afford it.

Get a pair of scissors

Now is the time you start cutting off what you can’t afford. Look at the events you have and the items you want to buy. Make sure there is a spending limit for the items (e.g, set a 20k limit on sales etc). Also make sure there is a limit on the events you go for. When all this is done, start taking out the items and events your salary cannot cover. You might be tempted to borrow money with the mind to pay it back once December salary comes in, this is an option, but not a particularly good one. Just settle on what you can afford and forget the rest.

Get your friends involved

Detty December is always better when you do it with friends. You can plan your December outings with your friends in mind. So if there is a convention or party, planning it with friends is ideal as you can contribute and split fares, or buy certain grades of tickets together that helps reduce the bills on your head.

A note of warning though, if you have ‘elite’ friends, who buy stuff and go to places you can’t afford, you’re better off planning your December on your own. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and don’t ‘do pass yourself’

Buy early

Keep in mind that you aren’t the only one trying to enjoy this December, everyone else is too. So prices go up. Prices for transportation, for food and for all sorts shoot up during Christmas. So it’s a great idea to buy stuff early enough. Non-perishables, bulk groceries, Clothes, shoes and so on. Get them as early as you can so you don’t find yourself paying the ‘December tax; on these items.

Step away from the savings

You might be thinking about that N100k you have saved away somewhere and thinking about how it could come in handy now. Don’t do it! It’s money for a rainy day, not Detty December. There’s a reason you are saving that money in the first place and it’s unlikely its because of December festivities. When you really think about it, will missing out on a concert end your life? No? Then there’s no reason to dip into your savings.

Always spend within your means

The final word on all this is simple: spend within your means. You might check out Instagram and see people strutting around with all their fine clothes and having a blast at parties you can’t go for. Don’t try to force the issue, enjoy the things you can and work towards being able to afford the ones you can’t at a later time.

Have a great Christmas.

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