How To Choose The Perfect Gourmand Perfume For Your Collection

Perfume is having a moment as more people are buying and collecting them to discover different scents from various brands and places. According to recent data, the global perfume market was valued at $33.5 billion in 2021, and it’s expected to reach more than $47 billion in 2027. While people mostly associate perfume with flowery scents, there’s a growing demand for gourmand perfumes, which are perfumes that contain edible notes such as chocolate, honey, and vanilla, among others.

Using a perfume that smells good enough to eat can make you seem more approachable, lively, sociable, and energetic, and it allows you to tap into your feminine energy. However, picking the right fragrance can be tricky. Even fragheads, or perfume enthusiasts have a hard time choosing a gourmand scent that fits their personality and body chemistry. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make the perfect choice, and have the best gourmand perfume that’s just right for you. 

Consider the Weather 

Perfume aficionados know that having just one perfume won’t do. According to Fragrance Affection, you need to consider the weather before spritzing on fragrance, since some perfumes can seem heavy and cloying in the heat, or too weak and barely detectable in cold weather. This is why it’s recommended to have a few fragrances in your collection, and make sure to choose ones that smell different from each other so you can experiment and find out what’s good to wear for every season.  

If you’re looking to build a gourmand fragrance collection, try not to pick ones that only have dominant vanilla notes, since vanilla-heavy perfumes are best worn when it’s cold. Other notes that are perfect for cold or rainy weather include caramel, praline, toffee, and other dessert notes. For summer, a lighter note that still carries a hint of sweetness, such as coconut, will work well. A coconut-based fragrance such as Tom Ford Soleil Blanc, Creed Island Virgin Water, Marks & Spencer White Coconut, or Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess will make you smell sweet and fresh despite the summer heat. 

Choose Fragrances from Different Price Points

Some people think that only pricey gourmand perfumes are good enough to wear. However, there are some inexpensive gourmand fragrances that have been lauded by experts and perfume enthusiasts all over the world. Take for instance Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla Body Mist, or Body Fantasies Signature Vanilla, which only cost a few dollars yet emit that sweet, warm, and freshly baked vanilla cookie scent that everyone loves. Be adventurous and try to discover gourmand perfumes from drugstores, designer labels, celebrity brands, and niche fragrance houses– you may be surprised to find that some of the most expensive ones don’t always smell that good, while cheaper ones may smell fantastic on you. 

Try Fragrances with Unusual Gourmand Notes

Once you’ve tried a few vanilla, sugar, or caramel-based fragrances, it’s time to discover other gourmand notes, particularly those that are considered to be unusual or unexpected in perfumes. One of these is coffee, which can be found in fragrances like Replica Coffee Break, YSL Black Opium, and Montale Intense Cafe. Another is bubblegum, which is the dominant note in Moschino Toy 2 Eau de Toilette. You can also consider perfumes that smell like milk, such as Xerjoff Italica and Philosophy Fresh Cream.

Wearing gourmand fragrances can make you feel as though you’re in a warm, cozy, and sweet-smelling cloud of scent. Try these tips to find the perfect gourmand perfume for your collection, and smell amazing everyday. 

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