How Did American Rapper, Enchanting Die?

American Rapper, Channing Nicole Larry popularly known as Enchanting passed away at the age of 26 after reportedly being on life support following a drug overdose.

The news of her passing began circulating online after her sister’s Facebook post suggested that the rapper was on life support.

However, Enchanting’s sister Kayy Jayy clarified the rumours in another Facebook post, stating the 26-year-old was still alive.

Unfortunately, after that announcement, Kay posted on Twitter, saying, “I love you girl,” along with a broken heart emoji. Even though Kay’s message didn’t explicitly state her passing, fans quickly perceived it that way.

It was Gucci Mane’s tribute on Tuesday that confirmed the young rapper’s passing.

Enchanting, a native of Texas, came into the spotlight after she signed with Gucci Mane’s New 1017 label in 2020. She has 124,849 monthly listens on Spotify. She also appeared on 3 compilation albums before she left the label in 2023.

Her last studio album, ‘Luv Scarred/No Luv,’ was released last year.

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