How 79-Year-Old Woman Missed Husband’s Funeral After Being Scammed by Fake Airline Ticket

A 79-year-old lady from Florida, Joanne Stainer, faced a distressing situation when trying to book a flight to her husband’s funeral.

She ended up being scammed into purchasing a fake ticket. Despite her intentions to fly to Appleton, Wis., from the Orlando Sanford International Airport, a medical emergency forced her to book another flight.

When she reached out for assistance via 411, she unknowingly fell victim to a scam.

The person she contacted claimed to be from Allegiant Air and offered to help, but in reality, the ticket was fake and cost significantly more than it should have.

She was provided with a confirmation code and a boarding pass for the flight,according to reports.

WFTV reported that Stainer managed to check in and pass through security.

However, she encountered a problem at the gate when she was prevented from boarding.

She expressed her confusion to the agent, saying, “I said, ‘Why? Why can’t I go on the flight? I’ve got a ticket.’ I thought if you have a ticket, you’re good as gold.”

Stainer was devastated to find out that her ticket was fake, as an Allegiant staff member informed her.

She recounted the staff member saying, “We’ve had a lot of scammers. This is not the first time that this has happened to us.”

It became worse when she discovered around $2,000 in fraudulent charges on her credit card.

The most distressing part for her was missing her late husband Joe’s funeral.

She expressed her deep regret, saying, “I was so intent on I’m going to be there to watch him be put in the ground. I owe him that.”

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