Grand Rising: Meaning, Origin, and Affirmations

You may have heard the term “grand rising” before, but what does it mean?

Grand rising is a phrase used by some people when they wake up or the first time they see someone during the day. It is mostly used instead of good morning. 

In the context of ways in which to greet the day, “grand rising” means something a little different from simply saying ‘good morning’. The act of getting out and about is a great way to start your morning! Meanwhile prefixing it with ‘grand’ indicates that something bigger than just waking up is happening – this could be anything from going on vacation all over again (or for goods) being more productive at work rather than sleeping through meetings; even just having fun doing things like travelling instead if staying still every single minute as most humans tend to do nowadays.

There is also a spiritual angle to using the term “grand rising”.

When we sleep, the conscious mind rests. However, it is believed that our subconscious and unconscious minds are in “a state of travel” to other realms. 

If you accept this as truth in understanding sleep then saying “grand rising” is giving thanks for returning back to your body after being away from it for a long time.

What religion says grand rising?

Grand rising is mostly used by astrologers or people who believe in the universe.

Why do people say grand rising instead of good morning?

It is also believed that the word “morning” has a similar vibration to words like “mourning”, so many people say Grand Rising when they want their days started off in an uplifting way.

Can you say grand rising in the afternoon?

You can say grand rising to anyone you are just meeting for the first time during the day, irrespective of the time of day.

How do you respond to grand rising?

The response to grand rising is either “good morning” or “grand rising”.

What is the grand rising ritual?

Grand rising ritual refers to all positive morning activities which you do in order to get your day started eg, positive self-talk, yoga etc.

Grand rising or great rising?

Grand rising and Great rising both have the same contextual meaning.

10 Grand rising affirmations

  • I have an abundance of energy
  • Everything is working for my own good
  • I am blessed
  • I am not afraid to shine
  • I am supported fully by the universe
  • I courageously move in the direction of my dreams
  • I choose to be happy and love myself today
  • I am worthy
  • I will not worry about the things that I can’t control
  • Today will be a great day!

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