Sunday, November 28, 2021


Her Story

Leaving an Unsupportive Work Environment to Start My Business

In late 2016, I returned to work after a 12-month maternity leave with the birth of my first child. My beautiful baby boy. I...

Simone Biles – Queen of Air

I’m a fan of Simone Biles. That’s not an extraordinary announcement to make, granted. After all, who isn’t a fan of the Olympian gymnast;...

Finding True Alignment in the Face of Isolation and Loneliness – An Artist’s Story

You know how it is. "You can't make money from art". "You'll be a starving artist". I listened. I believed the stories.  My name is...

What Do You Do When Your Right To Choose Is Taken Away From You By Someone Familiar?

She just knew something was off. Taking a shower hurt, and putting on her underwear hurt even more. She was in pain.

4 Decades After Being Sexually Harassed By Her Pastor, Rachel Baer Found Her Voice

Rachel Baer was sexually harassed by her pastor. Four decades later, she found her voice, but the truth is, she never really lost it.

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