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Tanzania Bans Rapper Rosa Ree For 6 Months For Raunchy Video

The Tanzania Music Regulatory Board has banned rapper Rosa Ree from taking part in music related activities within or outside the country from the next 6 months over a raunchy music video.

Instagram Is Now Hiding Likes Globally

Instagram has begun hiding likes globally. Two days ago, Instagram announced it was expanding its test of hidden likes to users globally.

10 Quotes For Women In Education

These quotes are for women who are struggling to get an education. You need some source of inspiration? Keep reading!

How Cimarrón Is Changing the Narrative And Giving A Voice To Afro-Columbian Women Through Film

Heny Cuesta is filmmaker, activist, and cultural agent who is pushing for more representation of Black creators in the movie industry with Cimarrón Productions.

Warsan Shire Quotes On Immigration, Beauty, Love And Feminism

Warsan Shire FSRL is a British writer, poet, editor and teacher. She was born on August 1988 to Somalian parents in Kenya. She has a B.A in Creative Writing and was awarded the inaugural Brunel University Afrcan Poetry Prize from a shortlist of 6 candidates out of 655.

Ayomide Bello Is The First Nigerian Woman Canoeist To Qualify For The Olympics

17 year old Ayomide Bello is headed for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.  Now more than ever, Nigerian women are making deep strides in areas of sports. For the first time, Nigeria would have its first ever female canoeist at the Olympics. 

Zulfat Suara Has Become The First Muslim Woman To Be Elected To Nashville Office

Zulfat Suara, a US-based Nigerian woman has made history by becoming the first Muslim to be elected to a Metro seat in Nashville.

Tanzanian Governor, Paul Makonda Is Proposing A National Database Of Married Men To Protect Single Women

Paul Makonda, the governor of Tanzania's largest city, Dar Es Salaam has just announced plans to create and publish a database of married men. According to him, this would help protect women from "heart breaks".

Kenya’s New Breast Milk Bank Is Helping The Fight Against Infant Mortality

Nairobi's Pumwani Maternity Hospital has set up East Africa's first breast milk bank, the second in Africa, to provide donated milk to babies in need. 

Shocking Misogynistic Quotes By Some Of The “Greatest” Men Who Ever Lived

Just in case you all thought misogyny was new and only just starting in the 21st century, we are here to tell you that it has always been in existence. Since time immemorial, men have always degraded women either through their words or actions. Today, it is seen everywhere, from songs to movie dialogues, etc.  

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