Best March Madness Fitness Tips

The NCAA will close its season with its historic season-ending tournament for another year. In just a few weeks, the best universities in the United States will face each other in the most followed and legendary sports event in college basketball.

While it may be obvious to most die-hard sports fans, it may not be the most evident sports tournament of the season. Still, whether fans are just looking for March Madness odds and stats, the hype of fitness and sports can also not be left aside. Making the most of both is the way to go.

Intro to March Madness 

While some may want to jump straight to the fitness part, learning a little about what March Madness might get one even more excited for top fitness action. March Madness is the final championship stage of the college basketball season, and its structure is quite simple. 

The championship is broken down into four rounds of single games to reach the tournament semifinals stage and end with the Final Four format. The tournament also begins with the First Four, a preliminary phase of four games whose winners compete to make it to the final group of 64 teams that kick off the first round. 

In terms of the teams that are featured in March Madness, there are a total of 68. The winners of the 32 conferences and 36 teams selected due to their merits and performance throughout the season make up the remaining selections. 

Top Training Exercises for March Madness Action 

With so much athletic action taking place, there is no question there is also plenty of motivation to stay active. So here are some of the top exercises all women can follow to stay tuned to March Madness season. 

Basketball Squats 

The routine can start with an exercise that most undoubtedly already know: the squat. This is an exercise to work the lower body, which can activate different muscle groups. In this case, the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and trunk stabilizers are all worked out with this exercise.

Squats are essential to strengthen the hips and legs, where most body fat accumulates. Therefore, it is recommended to gradually increase the weight to get the most benefit from this exercise. 

Hip Abduction 

This exercise is an excellent ally for one’s hips and buttocks. While squats work the gluteus maximus, hip abduction works the gluteus medius. This help will help when using the dreaded cartridge belt for other exercises. 

It is always a good idea to add some degree of instability and strengthen the muscle body. This can be achieved by performing the exercise standing up instead of lying down while using an elastic band. 

Basketball Style Dead Weight 

Most fitness experts will advise us to continue performing this exercise daily to achieve a well-toned body. Adding the weight, one feels comfortable and without forcing the body is recommended. This is mainly to avoid any injuries. 

One should start with a smaller weight, for example, five pounds. Then, one can gradually increase weight as one gains more strength. With this exercise, one will work the back of the legs and lower back involving the latissimus dorsi. Also, compounding exercise requires more caloric expenditure, which means burning a lot of fuel. 

Good Old Push Ups

This popular exercise will allow athletes to train the upper body, as everyone will want to strengthen their pectoral muscles. Given that large muscles are worked, the activity is a complete exercise for strengthening the core. 

First, one must activate the core and the abdominals and check for the position and stability of the shoulders. This last tip refers to the triceps, which help us to recover the starting position. 

In addition, the forearms and the wrists are in full action, which will help athletes maintain a solid position while activating multiple muscle groups. This ensures that all athletes work on different parts of the body.

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