Ariana Grande Knocks Critics Over Voice Change

Ariana Grande has clapbacked at critics over her voice change citing vocal health protection.

Responding to a viral clip from her recent interview on Penn Badgley’s Podcrushed podcast, the singer explained that change in tone was intentional to protect her vocals for singing.

In the footage Grande begins speaking about recording new music in a lower tone before suddenly shifting to a higher register.

“The Voice Change??” the uploader captioned the TikTok video.

Debunking the accusations of faking her viuce by commenters, Grande said, “I intentionally change my vocal placement (high/low) often depending on how much singing I’m doing,”

“I’ve always done this BYE.”

The ‘Thank you next’ singer’s voice has been a topic of discussion among fans recently, especially after she addressed it in an interview.

Despite the attention on her voice, many fans are eagerly anticipating new music from her, potentially in a deluxe edition of her successful album, Eternal Sunshine.

“I’ve been living in the studio,” she said on the show. “I went to the studio the day after the Met [Gala] and stayed there for 10 days. I’ve been writing a lot, and maybe there’s more. I want to do a deluxe at some point.”

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