9 Things to Know About Working Out for Weight Loss

Working out is a great way to lose weight, it helps your body burn fat throughout the day and gives you a productive feeling. The problem is that most people experience a plateau when working out which makes their workout routine slim down.

In this article, we will go over 9 things to know about working out for weight loss in order to avoid the plateau.

  1. Don’t work out on an empty stomach.

Exercise is only effective when your body has sugar to burn, if your stomach is empty then you are not going to have that. You want to avoid exercising in the morning time, if possible work it out in the afternoon/evening instead.

2. Don’t forget about weight lifting.

When you lift weights your muscles are being torn down so they build back up to be stronger. There is no reason that you shouldn’t weightlift in your weight loss journey, if anything it will help even more than cardio.

3. Don’t do the same workout every day.

If you push yourself every day then your body’s natural response is to stop growing muscle, the body thinks it doesn’t need any more muscle so you lose what you have. You should switch up your workout routine every other day or at least one to two times a week, this will keep your muscles from stopping growth.

4. Don’t do high reps low weights

High reps are great for endurance but they do nothing for building muscle, you want to keep your rep range around 8-12. You don’t have to work out every body part every day, the body only needs time to rest and rebuild after a workout.

If you are trying to lose weight then working legs is one of the best ways to burn fat, but don’t make the mistake of avoiding leg day.

5. It is not the workouts that count but the calories you burn doing them! 

If you are only counting reps then you are missing half of the equation. You want to track how many calories your workouts burn so that you can compensate for that in your diet plan.

6. Do interval training (train hard for short periods of time) if you want to lose weight quickly.

Interval training is amazing for fat loss, but be careful not to overdo it. Too many people start with interval training and jump right into doing 60-minute workouts every day. When you first start interval training build up slowly by working out hard for 30 seconds then giving yourself a rest period of 1-2 minutes before moving on to the next set.

7. Don’t forget about your diet!

You can do all the working out in the world but if you are eating crap then you aren’t going to see results, it is like building a house with no foundation. If you are serious about weight loss then you need to cut out fast food, sodas, most fruits (a few good ones are allowed), and anything else you can think of that is not food!

8. Don’t stop weight lifting once you lose the weight

Weight lifting is great for burning fat and helps you to maintain that muscle that you worked so hard to gain during your weight loss journey, don’t forget this part!

9. Don’t expect results if you don’t work for it.   

It takes time to build muscle and burn fat, don’t expect it overnight! It took you years to gain the weight so give yourself at least a few months before you see noticeable results. Your body is your temple so treat it right!

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