9 Must-Have Qualities of a Cool Modern Woman

Scoffing at the title? Don’t blame you. The word ‘cool’ can be misleading. Cool for whom? For you, of course, the unique woman behind the screen. This article is about the qualities a woman needs to be successful, satisfied, and happy.

Don’t recognize them in yourself? You definitely have at least some, if not all, and there are some you can develop. Needless to say, these are all great qualities for men to have as well.

1. Energetic, but Easy-going

A woman who’s energetic can transform a space with minimal effort. She is down to earth and real and has an authentic life. She gets what she wants because her expectations are realistic. She also has a grounded view of herself. Her self-esteem is definitely not low, but she knows she shouldn’t take herself too seriously. Easy-going, authentic people have a strong sense of self and make great partners because of that.

While flexibility is also a good trait to have, authentic people remain who they are without this interfering with their ability to adapt to new situations. When you meet a real, down to earth person, you can trust that you’ll experience their true personality rather than a sham aimed at leaving a good impression. 

2. Playful and Curious

An appreciation for enjoyment and a sense of humour make someone far easier and more pleasant to interact with. Playful and curious people can lift your mood when you’re feeling down, but they won’t use this trait to pressure you. A woman who’s playful and curious will be keen on trying new things. This is essential in being satisfied and fulfilled in life, which includes one’s sex life.

Such women don’t hesitate to experiment in bed. They are not 100% reliant on their partner to satisfy them. They understand they are responsible for their pleasure and will keep exploring new things until they know what pleases them. A playful and curious woman will never accuse her partner of not satisfying her – she will keep trying new things until she’s happy.

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3. Independent

No woman should be afraid of solitude. Modern women are or strive to be financially independent instead of waiting for someone to pick up the tab. Even if she’s not making as much as she needs, she will be making an effort to develop something with growth potential.

There is a fine line between being independent and picking up the slack. An independent woman will not rely on her partner for everything – or anything, for that matter – but she won’t allow them to become dependent on her either.

4. Intelligent

While this isn’t exactly a personal quality, it’s extremely helpful and highly appreciated by partners, friends, coworkers, loved ones, and even acquaintances. Intelligent women perceive their needs accurately. They know what they want in life and are more likely to be successful. They can have a conversation on all kinds of subjects and speak passionately and knowledgeably about things that are important to them. Those around them often develop a genuine interest in the subject and even start to feel an emotional connection with the woman.

When we speak of intelligence, we’re not necessarily talking about what school they went to or the results of an IQ test. You see intelligence in someone’s actions, words, and mindset.

5. Open to Experience

Women who are open to new experiences never stop learning. Not only do they make the most of the skills they have developed and of their natural gifts, but are always trying to learn something new and grow. They know life never stands still and neither do they.

6. Confident and Assertive

Confident women don’t wait for people to tell them they deserve respect. They command it. They know their worth and never waste time on pointless self-deprecation or fake humility. They are not afraid to let everyone know how amazing they are.

Confident and assertive women aren’t ones to wait for the knight in shining armour. They get things done. A key point is that they are not obsessed with their looks. They know that ultimately, appearances don’t matter. If a confident woman is also attractive, she might take pride in her appearance, but this will show in efforts to sustain it by eating a balanced diet and exercising. She will not put less attractive women down to make herself feel better.

7. Communicative

They say communication is key to success and satisfaction. Hence, everyone who has this quality will have better prospects in life. Notably, a woman who knows how to communicate will share any issues she has rather than keep them bottled up or express them in a passive-aggressive manner.

8. Open-hearted

It’s important to avoid petty people. This includes people with a jealous streak or a flair for drama. Any sign of the green-eyed monster is a red flag. Jealous types have trust issues, both men and women, and will fly off the handle inexplicably, leaving one to wonder what they did to provoke them.

The truth? Nothing. Jealous people are usually insecure and therefore ‘unlucky’ in love. They might tell you they’re afraid of intimacy or they’re insecure because a partner cheated on them in the past. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. People don’t “become” the jealous type, they’re born that way, and their relentless accusations bring their partners to cheat.

Then, there are those women who live for drama. They play mind games or gossip incessantly. Being with someone like this is exhausting. More importantly, you’re not doing yourself any favours by engaging in pettiness and drama.

9. Dependable and Level-headed

Finally, dependable women are consistent in their behaviour. They offer those around them stability and the comfort of knowing they can be relied on.  

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