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5 Ways To Know If He Is Into You

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Men are not in the business of letting you know how they feel, so half the time, you have to decipher it yourself. Now how do you find out if a guy is into you or not?

5 Ways To Know If He Is Into You

Some people suggest reading his body language. Some others suggest checking out his acts of love towards you. Whichever way, we are sure that these 5 signs below would not lead you astray in deciphering if he loves you or not.

He locks eyes with your face instead of your eyes

This is an instant giveaway. You know how you are talking to this boy who you are so enamored by and he just keeps looking from your eyes, to your nose and lips? Yeah, that could mean he is taking in every single detail about your face and imagining what it would feel like to actually kiss you. So, there! You have it, if his eyes keep moving from your eyes, to nose and lips, he is totally into you!


This cannot be overemphasized. Try this: When you hang out with your crush or a prospective boyfriend, try to get away from him. Make an excuse of using the restroom or something else. Then steal a glance at him to see if you catch his eyes following you. If you do, then he is definitely into you.

Watch his friends

So when you hang out with him and his friends, do they act surprised like they never expected you to be there. Or, do they act normal as though he has spoken about you to them before? If they act surprised, it may not be a good sign.

How often he compliments you

Now, nobody is saying you should go all out fishing for comments. All we are saying is does he notice the extra effort you put in just to look nice for him? Does he compliment these efforts or does he just ignore them? If he dishes out comments to you on a regular, he is a keeper!!!

Picking between you and his cellular

Nobody needs to tell you how important this is! No Sandra, No Natasha, No Diana, we don’t need to tell you. You know how you want to pay him undivided attention anytime he is around, and just look him in the eyes as he speaks to you and you envision your kids running around your little cottage bla bla bla….yes! snap snap! Wake up and see if he is doing the same for you. Is he paying you undivided attention? Is his phone face down on the table or in his pocket?  Oh, it is not?! He is scrolling through social media feeds, checking out his timeline when he is with you? Sorry girl, he is not that into you!

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