12 Steps to Staying Ahead of Others in Life

If you want to get ahead of the average person in ten years, there are certain things you’ll need to do to set you apart from them. Here are 12 steps to take, to ensure you are miles ahead of others in the future.

  1. Make friends with different people. Avoid being friends with only people that are relatively the same as you because it prevents you from having a broader worldview.
  1. Cultivate the habit of reading. Reading a book is the fastest and easiest way to learn new ideas and broaden your horizon. 
  1. Embrace questioning yourself and leave room for doubt. You’re not perfect and it helps you become secure in your personality.
  1. Budget and plan your money in a way that liberates you and not restricts you. 
  1. Start a side hustle, solely for your savings. It’ll be exhausting at first but in the end, you’ll come out with new skills and another stash of money. 
  1. Set aside money each month, no matter how little. Compounded interests will come in handy in the future.
  1. Be disciplined and train yourself to get accustomed to healthy pain. This kind of pain helps you focus on finishing tasks, avoid procrastination, and helps you take your life seriously. 
  1. Always admit when you are wrong. Embrace that you can make mistakes but don’t be too proud to correct them.
  1. Only keep the money for items you need on your credit card. If you can’t remember what you spent money on, then it was probably not important. 
  1. Always reflect on your life so far. Understand what your most compelling motive is and create your philosophy about life carefully. 
  1. Commit to a daily routine that’ll lead you to where you want to be.
  1. Never be ashamed to start all over again. Even when you fail, always dare to do better for yourself.

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