10 Powerful Affirmations for Black History Month

Black History Month was created as a way to inspire and instill pride among black Americans by highlighting the triumphs and accomplishments made throughout history by African-Americans.

It was first celebrated in 1976 and has been celebrated every year since, until now.

Here are some affirmations for Black History Month

1. My voice matters because people who look like me have used theirs for change.

2. My words have power, and I will use them to make a change in the world.

3. I am making a decision to heal

4. I will not diminish myself to make someone else feel valued.

5. I will respect myself, even if no one else does.

6. I am worthy of love and affection.

7. I have value, just because I exist.

8. I am enough, just as I am right now.

9. I will live my life on my own terms.

10. I am strong, capable, resilient, brave and powerful.

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