Why Miranda might still be in 7M cult

Lalich, a professor emerita at California State University, Chico and a cult expert, has shared insights with The Tennessean on what defines a cult.

According to her, a cult goes beyond just a charismatic leader; it thrives on an unquestionable belief system and the leader proclaiming exclusive access to solutions for all issues.

Regarding the digital era, there’s talk of the 7M Cult, where many influencers are linked. For instance, TikTok dancer Miranda Derrick’s family suspects her involvement in this group. The question remains: Is she truly part of it?

Miranda’s family had released a video in February 2022 which shed light on the challenges.

Miranda’s misleading explanation about COVID-19 preventing her from attending her grandfather’s funeral left her family deeply troubled.
Her cryptic response of needing permission from “someone closer to God” added to their concerns.

Dean’s trip to California to uncover the truth showcases the extent of their worry and efforts to understand Miranda’s situation.

Miranda’s reference likely pointed to the church she joined, linked to the founder of 7M Films, Robert Shinn.

Shinn oversees both entities, claiming that the profits from secular ventures support his religious work at Shekinah Church.

The recent Netflix documentary, “Dancing For the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” featuring the Wilkings, delves into their exploration of Shekinah Church, revealing a troubling journey.

Their attempt to seek help from a human trafficking hotline hit a roadblock due to Miranda being of legal age.

Miranda Derrick claims she isn’t a cult member, what then is she?

It seems Miranda responded to her family’s claims on TikTok, stating she had been in contact with them and was starting a new life with her husband James, who is connected to the church.

She mentioned wanting to continue working with Melanie but explained that her sister took control of their shared TikTok account.

Miranda denied being part of a religious cult and emphasized that everyone she knows is maintaining contact with their families.

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