Where to Buy Mom Water

You may have seen Mom Water on your TikTok “for you” page if you’re a part of mom TikTok. The fruity alcoholic water beverage has gained popularity among users on the video-sharing platform in recent months, with people sharing their opinions.

What is Mom Water?

Mom Water is a fruity flavoured vodka-infused water. A couple from Indiana, Bryce and Jill Morrison, came up with the idea for the drink while on a vacation in the Dominican Republic.

While travelling, Jill tasted a passion fruit-infused water that she liked. She decided to mix it with vodka and the idea for Mom Water was born. When Jill and Bryce returned to the US, Jill began making fruit water and vodka blends for herself. After noticing that there was a lack of this type of drink, Jill and Bryce decided to start their own business.

Why is it called mom water?

The now fashionable drink was called Mom Water after Jill had been putting her fruity vodka water blend into plastic bottles, and then one of her kids mistakenly picked up a bottle, her husband Bryce suggested she began labelling them “Mom”.

The company has continued its vibes by naming its flavours after typical mom names.

There are four Mom Water flavours: Sandy, Linda, Julie, and Karen. Sandy is flavoured with coconut and mango. Linda has a blueberry and peach flavour. Julie tastes like passion fruit. Finally, Karen is lemon and blueberry flavoured. Julie was however the first flavor to be created.

Where to buy Mom Water

The fruit water vodka beverage is available to buy in stores or online. It is, however, only presently accessible in a few US states. In stores in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Kansas and online in California, District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming.

You can use the brand’s store locator to find out where Mom Water is available in your state.

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