Watch Viral Emirates Ad That’s Got the Whole World Talking

A woman stood on top of the world. Literally. In what can be described as the most jaw-dropping video advertisement you would ever watch, Dubai-based airlines, Emirates featured a woman on top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in a viral ad titled ‘We’re on top of the world’.

The 30-second viral ad which opens showing a woman on the world’s tallest building, had everyone asking if it was real, and you bet it was. The aim of the ad was to celebrate the UK’s decision to allow quarantine free travel between Britain and the United Arab Emirates. Before now, Dubai had been on the UK’s red list and fully vaccinated travellers from Dubai had to undergo a compulsory 10-day quarantine on getting to the United Kingdom.

Nicole Smith Ludvik, the actress who was featured in the ad is a professional skydiving instructor. In the ad, she was dressed as a cabin crew welcoming passengers. At first, the ad opens to a regular-looking picture frame of a woman holding different placards and it is not until the video zooms out that we are left in awe when we see that she is actually standing on top of the world! On the tallest building in the world!

Watch Behind the Scenes of Emirate Viral Ad – We’re on Top of the World

Emirates has released the behind the scenes to show that this was no CGI effect and she really was standing on the Burj Khalifa. In the behind the scene video, we see that a custom made pole was created for her to stand on.

In a statement released by Emirates, it originally intended to cast a member of its own staff (crew), however, they decided that in order to maintain the highest levels of safety, a professional skydiver was to be used instead. The ad took about 5 hours to film, and has left everyone, mindblown!

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