The Woman I Am Meant To Be

She sat there,
Silently reminiscing through the chapters of her life,
Almost cursing the day she was brought on to earth,
Drenched in the sorrow of her outcome,
Of the outlook of her eventual life.

Woman I Am Meant To Be by Olivia Nsofor
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She sat there,
In the corners of regret,
Tearing the sheath of her sclerotic layer,
Hoping for peace even if it was on a death bed,
Trying to summon the courage to hang on,
Suicide was almost an option.

She sat there,
A lioness with four cubs,
As they stared deep into their mothers glazed eyes,
As they watched the seasonal drama each time between their mother and father,
And as they painted a picture of what kind of life this was,
As they wished for this to be their predicament no more.

She sat there and took her daughters hands,
Gazing deeply into the youthful flames of her eyes,
Wishing for a chance at youth again,
Longing for the chance to be the woman she intended to be,
And she said bluntly to her “Be independent and depend only on God”,
With pain striped through her heart,
With regret engraved on her face,
She gave her hope to the fate of her seed and told her this.

“To the Woman I’m meant to be,
I saw you standing with accolades as hand bags,
I smiled as you walked with pride on your shoulders,
And humility on your face,
I patiently watched you through your efforts to become effortlessly endowed,
I wasn’t sure it was you,
I wasn’t sure you wouldn’t turn out this good,
Better than good, I mean,
I marvel at the masterpiece of your finesse,
Game strong and head long,
You battled to the very end,
Not minding the loss,
But embracing costs,
And being the best you that no one would want for you,

To the woman I’m meant to be,
I still see you everyday,
In gleaming lights of gender equality,
Telling the tales of women like me,
And giving hope to those that still whirl in perilous seas,
I thank God for you, my seed”


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