The Best Feminist Road Trips To Take With Your Friends

Women aren’t taking the backseat anymore, especially when it comes to travelling. Regardless of where they are in life, women are fueling a huge amount of growth in the travel industry. In fact, a recent survey has revealed that 80% of travel decisions are made by women. If you’re feeling like it’s time to break out your feminist side and take a trip that you’ll really enjoy, then these top spots may be good ones to consider.

Suffrage Road Trip

This road trip is all about learning more about voting rights for women and how they developed. Instead of having just one central location, the suffrage movement took place in both large and small cities across America. However, one of the great ways to learn more is to visit some of these top locations. Start in Chicago, where you can view the home of Ida B. Wells and then travel through Seneca Falls, the home of the women’s rights conference. Pass through Massachusetts where you’ll learn more about Abolitionist Angelina Grimke and her testimony. Finally, drive through Washington D.C. where the first women’s rights parade was held in 1913 and end in Lorton, Virginia. You’ll get an amazing timeline of some notable events for women’s history. However, before you set out, make sure the vehicle you’re in is a reliable one. For instance, something sporty like a coupe car is perfect for driving long distances.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

If you’re interested in learning more about a women’s right to choose, NARAL has got you covered. This organization is devoted to protecting women’s rights and has regular road trips. Their aim is designed to help women reach prominent places where their voices need to be heard. Check out their latest trips with #FeministRoadTrips to find out their latest destinations. This can change every year, so you’ll have to follow them on their social media to get information about the latest trip.

Black Feminist Road Trip

Created to learn more about black feminism in the United States, this road trip can be as short or as long as you’d like. The trip originally started with five places: Akron, OH, Combahee River, South Carolina, Borough of Manhattan Community College in NY, Scribe video centre in Philadelphia, and the University of California Berkeley. However, this list of five places has grown with other suggestions. You can reach almost all of these spots within a few weeks, but plan out a trip to hit the highlights and learn more about how black feminism grew over the years. You’ll likely learn a great deal about black feminism facts that you never knew before.

Road trips are fun regardless of the destination, so why not set out on a road trip for a purpose this year? These are some of the great choices to consider when you want to head out and hit the open road. Make sure that you have the time to check out a few of these historic spots to learn more about feminism through the years.

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