‘Spermpocalypse’ Proves Infertility is Not Just Women’s Problem – Fertility Clinic CEO Says

Over the years, women have been at the fore front of fertility issues, however recent studies have shown that men are not exempted from having fertility problems.

A male fertility startup founder, Khaled Kteily has revealed a worrying decline in sperm count over the last four decades which he termed ‘’Spermpocalypse”.

“’Spermpocalypse’ is one way of putting it, ‘spermageddon’ is another—‘sperm count zero’ is my preferred term choice,” he said at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in Dana Point, California.

“Call it what you want—it’s concerning. If you follow the trend, not only is it accelerating, but it is very clearly moving toward sperm count zero.”

“And it’s possible that in a matter of decades, we could live in a world where people are unable to conceive naturally” he added.

Still, society believes infertility is a women’s issue.

Dr. Brian Levine, founding partner and practice director at CCRM Fertility of New York recalled a scenario where a woman having trouble conceiving took a lot of tests, certified healthy and came to him puzzled—which he would tell them to get their boyfriend or husband tested. “And the question is always, ‘why?’” he said. “What we have is an education problem here.”

“What most people don’t understand, is that only one-third of the time when a couple can’t conceive is it a female problem.”

According to him, another one-third of the time, it is the man’s fault and another third, it is both.

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