Should Married Couples Sleep Apart?

Sleeping together is a fundamental aspect of marriage. It is considered the ultimate form of intimacy between two individuals who have committed their lives to each other. However, with changing times and evolving societal norms, many couples are now questioning whether sharing a bed every night is truly necessary for a healthy relationship.

Psychologists have been studying the effects of co-sleeping on marriage for decades and have come up with varying opinions. Some believe that sleeping together is essential for a strong and lasting bond between partners, while others argue that having separate beds or even bedrooms can be beneficial in certain situations.

According to psychologist Dr Funmi Aroh, “Sharing a bed with your partner can create a sense of closeness and connection that is unique to the relationship. It allows for physical touch and emotional intimacy, which are important components of a healthy marriage.”

On the other hand, critics argue that having separate sleeping spaces can provide couples with much-needed privacy and personal space. They also say it can prevent sleep disruptions caused by different sleeping habits or schedules.

There are valid arguments for both sides. Ultimately, the decision to sleep together or separately should be based on the individual needs and preferences of each couple.

Some couples may thrive by sleeping in the same bed every night, while others may find that having separate beds or bedrooms allows for a better balance and harmony in their relationship.

At the end of the day, what matters most is not whether a couple sleeps together or separately, but rather the strength of their relationship as a whole. As long as there is love, trust, and communication between two partners, their marital bond will remain strong regardless of where they sleep at night.

So instead of focusing on whether married couples should sleep together, let’s focus on building a strong and healthy relationship that can withstand any sleeping arrangement.

Afterall sleeping together or apart is simply one aspect of a union among many others.

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