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Seychelles: Every Woman’s Honeymoon Destination

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It is every woman’s dream that her honeymoon destination should be an island. Lodged in a lush hostel, she will spend her days basking in the sunlight at the beach, visiting spas, having her body treatments while listening to wild African beats. Such a destination is Seychelles, with just the right kind of weather, wildlife, political atmosphere, nothing is bound to go wrong. But how much of this beautiful country do we really know?

the republic of seychelles


Seychelles known officially as The Republic of Seychelles is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, east of mainland East Africa. Named after Jean Moreau de Seychelles, Louis XV’s Minister of Finance, it is a cluster of about 115 islands. The country’s capital is Victoria and it has a population of ninety-two thousand people (a 2012 estimate). It occupies an area of four hundred and fifty-nine kilometer square.

The Seychelles which was colonized by the British got its independence in 1976 as a multi-party democracy state. The country presently governed by President James Michael, the president is elected by voting, and a term lasts for five years. Their National Assembly consists of 34 members, 25 of which are voted in while the rest are appointed. The Supreme Court of Seychelles is the highest trial court in the country, while the highest court of law is the Appeal court of Seychelles. Its official languages are French, English and Seychellois Creole and its currency is the Seychellois rupee.

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Seychelles has a tropical climate, with its location on the Indian Ocean giving it a warm and humid feel. The temperature is consistently from twenty four to thirty two degree Celsius. Though the rains plays a part, it is the trade winds that determine the climate of the island. May to October witnesses a relatively dry period especially due to the South-east trade winds (south-east monsoon), with November being the month when the wind starts to change direction ushering in the rainy season due to the North west trade winds (north-west monsoon) which kicks off from December and ends in March. In April, the winds begin to change direction again and the cycle continues on and on.

Tourism being one of the most important sectors in the country, it employs about 15% of the workforce. Tourist attractions in the country include the coral beaches, wildlife and also opportunity for water sports. The country boasts of 15 airports and this aids the tourism sector which first began with the opening of the Seychelles international airport in 1972. The largest population of the Seychelles wildlife consist of the Giant tortoises which exist in Seychelles as the world’s largest population of tortoises. Also available are the White shark, Reef sharks, and the Green and Hawksbill turtles. The birds are not left out as they have the Cousin Island birds and the Seychelles warbler. Diving is a common sport amongst tourists and with so many islands to choose from, divers are usually spoiled over choice.

Religion in this country is mainly Roman Catholic, with the minority being Pentecostal and Protestant. The church is a strong voice for human rights and mostly speaks out when there seems to be injustice in a certain area. The media is mainly controlled by the government and although education among their women is generally lower than the men, inheritance laws do not discriminate against the women. Education in the country is compulsory up to the age of 16 and free through secondary school until the age of 18. The first language taught is Creole, followed by French. English is only introduced at times. Tertiary education may not be one of the strong points of this country as The University of Seychelles was only opened in 2009 and currently has about 175 students. Prior to this time however, the polytechnic and other forms of tertiary education like health institutes, teacher training colleges were the highest points of education.

With this little information I have provided on Seychelles, it is safe to say that you now know a little about this beautiful country. You can do a little more research or drop a comment if you have more facts about this country. Till I come your way again. Cheers.

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