The Irony In Priyanka Chopra Having To Defend Wearing A Marchesa Dress For Her Bridal Shower

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A week ago, Priyanka Chopra was spotted wearing a Marchesa dress for her bridal shower. As you will guess correctly, fans and non fans alike have expressed their disappointment labeling it a ridicule to the time’s up movement.

Priyanka chopra wears Marchesa dress for bridal shower
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Marchesa is a brand co-owned by Georgina Chapman, the ex-wife of producer, former Oscar board member and serial sexual assaulter Harvey Weinstein.

In 2018, Harvey Weinstein was charged and found guilty of multiple counts of rape and other inappropriate sexual behaviour even triggering the times up movement.

After the story broke, Marchesa took a hit, which was understandable at the time, people were taking out their frustrations on his wife, even after she filed for a divorce, it seemed more and more unlikely that Marchesa would ever fully get back on its feet.

According to Cosmopolitan, some celebs have shied away from wearing the brand in the wake of numerous assault allegations against her ex-husband Harvey Weinstein.

Priyanka Chopra defended her decision in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily saying,

Georgina’s a friend of mine, and she has been. And it’s not her fault. And I don’t think it’s right to take it out on a self-made woman what somebody in her life did. That’s the wrong attitude. That was a beautiful gown, and deserved to be worn by a bride-to-be. And it made me feel like a princess. It was the right choice.

One has to ask if the irony isn’t lost on all of these people who are criticizing Chopra? Isn’t it funny that a movement about finding our voice and female empowerment has succumbed to blaming a woman for the wrongs of a man she is not even married to – they are divorced!

How can you indeed say you are fighting for the right of women by condemning another woman for a crime committed not by her but man she married? Punishing a woman whose only crime was choosing the wrong man?

I am not taking the graveness of Harvey Weinstein’s crime with levity neither am I saying having a boycotted brand and sexual assault are alike, but having this woman’s brand pay for the sins of her husband looks like a “one step forward, 2 steps backward” situation towards female empowerment.

We have to do better.

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