Thursday, September 16, 2021

Netflix Movie Review: The Occupant (2020)

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The Occupant is a Spanish psychological thriller story about a man, Javier Munoz, who loses his job and is forced to sell his apartment and move to a much cheaper part of town. Soon, he realizes that he still has the keys to the old apartment and becomes obsessed with the new occupants of the building.

Turns out that the new occupant of the building is a successful executive who is just recovering from his alcoholism, and his wife. Javier befriends the new occupants. The movie takes a creepy twisted turn, and at the end, Javier abandons his family, kills the successful executive, takes his job, marries his wife and moves back into the apartment.

The movie is long, dark and creepy and if you enjoyed Netflix Series, You, you would definitely enjoy this movie. However, you have to be patient as the story line takes a while to build up. The movie has a number of flaws, for instance, it doesn’t take its character development very seriously.

On a scale of 1-10, this movie should receive a 5.5/10.

Watch The Trailer Of The Occupant Below

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