Kendall Jenner Donating Back to Jalisco Community After Facing Backlash

In response to the backlash she received for appropriating Mexican Culture, Kendall Jenner has announced that she is donating back to the Jalisco Community. 

In February, Kendall Jenner revealed her spirit brand, 818 Tequila after almost 4 years of working on the product behind closed doors. 

In May, an ad campaign was released to publicize the brand. This ad campaign was set on a farm in Jalisco, Mexico where the tequila was produced. In the promotional video, Kendall could be seen dressed in traditional Mexican clothing and hair while working with the agave farmers. 

However, soon after the release, the ad came under heavy criticism for appropriating Mexican culture. She was also criticized for failing to credit the local agave farmers and viewers also felt that the ad campaign was disrespectful to the natives.

This is not the first time Kendall has come under heavy criticism for an ad campaign. In 2017, Kendall was heavily criticized for her role in a Pepsi ad which showed her offering a can of Pepsi to a police officer in the middle of a protest.

Sources have told TMZ that the original intent of the campaign was to highlight the work being done by the agave farmers who make the product in the Jalisco community.

According to Kendall, she would be donating sustainable bricks made from the waste that comes from making the tequila. She is also donating 1% of her company’s revenue to “planet-saving initiatives.”

This move by Kendall has been met with praise from her fans who say this is a step in the right direction.

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