Interview with Didi Warmate, Founder Of Lagos Matchmaker

The matchmaking industry is one in which only the creative and resilient survive. Meet Mrs Didi Warmate, a certified coach for Lagos Matchmaker who has been in the business of matchmaking for over 7 years. With a first degree in Economics from Howard University and Masters in International strategy from University of St-Andrews, it is a wonder she ventured into this industry. In this interview with Urban Woman Magazine, she talks about her journey through the match making world so far, her challenges and future plans.

Didi Warmate, Founder Of Lagos Matchmaker

UW: How did your journey into the matchmaking industry begin?

DW: I decided to go into matchmaking because it was something I naturally enjoyed doing for my friends and I thought how much fun this would be to do this as a job. I had so many single friends and the joy I felt when I made successful matches could not be compared to anything.

UW: How would you describe your brand “Lagos Matchmaker”?

DW: Lagos Matchmaker is a privacy focused matchmaking service. We match clients based on their personalities, interests, background and more. I always say I am a dating coach not a marriage coach. My certification although in relationship coaching, I like to believe as someone still early in marriage, I am learning a lot along the way.

Didi Warmate founder of Lagos Matchmakers

UW: Describe your best successful match story.

DW: My best story was a single mum and single dad who initially declined being match made twice, but with our persuasion and after matching with others decided to give it one more trial. They are currently happily married.

UW: What have been your challenges so far?

DW: We face a lot of challenges as this is an uncommon industry. The two main challenges are trust and marketing. It is hard to get people to trust you because this is a delicate issue as it deals with the heart. Marketing is also a challenge because we deal with privacy so we cannot use our success stories with the clients’ names to sell our business, so we rely hugely on referrals which come when we have success. We have had a lot of competition just like every other industry but we know the value and quality of service we offer so we know our clients will find us regardless. We have had competitors copy our exact format but as they say imitation is the best form of flattery so it motivates us to do better.

UW: What are the plans for Lagos Matchmaker in the coming years?

DW: Our future plans for Lagos Matchmaker is to become more international. We aim to have more success and create more happy stories.

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