How To Cope With Nigerian Tailors

I am sure we have all experienced many challenges when dealing with Nigerian tailors/seamstresses. So here are some tips to make the journey less stressful.


When choosing fabric we always seem to assume the fashion designer readily have all the key tools to match your fabric. To make the job easier, especially when a next day request is made. Buying the list below, in addition, would totally help speed up the process.

1) Lining.

2) Two open and close zippers

A zip for a top is long but never as long as a dress zipper.

A Skirt/trousers require a much shorter zipper than tops and dresses do.

3) 6 yards of bias

4) Buttons if needed (Bear in mind the size of the button to fit your style of choice)

5) Thread

6) Hook and eye

Ensure each item from the list above correlates with the colour code of your fabric.

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Stay fabulous!

Written by Iyanu Akinremi

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