How British Female Politicians Are Victimized by Fake Pornography

A disturbing trend where British female politicians have fallen victim to fake pornography has become rampant.

Their faces are being used in inappropriate images made through artificial intelligence.

According to Channel 4 News, notable political figures like Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, education secretary Gillian Keegan, Commons leader Penny Mordaunt, former Home Secretary Priti Patel, and Labour backbencher Stella Creasy have been targeted on a well-known fake pornography website.

These images have been circulating online for years, garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

It’s disturbing to see that some British female politicians are facing this issue with fake pornography, ranging from basic Photoshopped images to more sophisticated deepfakes created using AI technology.

Politicians like Dehenna Davison have been targeted, with Davison expressing her discomfort and violation over being featured on the site.

She highlighted the importance of governments establishing proper regulations for AI to prevent such issues from escalating.

Stella Creasy expressed dismay at this disturbing occurrence, emphasizing that this situation is more about control and power rather than sexual pleasure.

The problem of nonconsensual deepfake technology is on the rise, where AI is used to generate fake nude photos by manipulating images of individuals without their consent.

The government in April announced plans to ban the creation of deepfake pornography in England and Wales but the proposed law was not enacted.

This law must be implemented so as to protect women from this menace.

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