Haneefah Adam, A Nigerian Artist, Magically Turns Food Into Art

Haneefah Adam is a female Nigerian artist who is currently making a career from turning food into art. For most people, leftovers should be disposed of, but for Haneefah Adam, leftovers are only a tool to creating beautiful and magical art.
Haneefah Adam
28 year old Haneefah Adam loves to present food creatively by using it to make portraits and other works of art.
Arcording to her, she has always been artistic.
In an interview with CNN, Haneefah Adam was quoted saying, “Growing up, my mother said I had a flair for art.”
Haneefah Adam first made a name for herself in 2015 when she transformed Barbie into Hijarbie – a hijab wearing muslim doll.
In 2016, she went on to win the #TechMeetsArtNG exhibition which was sponsored by Samsung Nigeria and Rele Art Gallery. The aim of this competition was to explore the artistic presentation of Nigeria’s local meals.
Her entry (pictured below) which won the competition was inspired by Ogbono soup, a southern delicacy which she confesses is a favorite meal of hers.
Art by Haneefah Adam Winner #TechMeetsArtNG
In 2016, she went on to win the #TechMeetsArtNG exhibition which was sponsored by Samsung Nigeria and Rele Art Gallery.
“Before the competition, my art was mostly random, and I was just documenting food on social media. But after winning, I started to think about actively making a living from food art,” she says.
Today, she is building a career out of creating art from food. “I do regular portraits, I sew and paint, but what excites me the most is food,” she says.
Haneefah Adam says that her inspiration comes from random things including life experiences and culture.
In the next couple of years, Haneefah Adam wants to be more present in the vibrant art scene in Africa, including that of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial center.
“I want to partake in more exhibitions. I currently live in Kwara, northern Nigeria; it is difficult to make a mark in the country’s art scene from here,” she says.
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