Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Launches Hair Care Line

Tessica Brown, the Gorilla Glue girl from Louisiana who went viral after mistakenly applying Gorilla Glue to her hair in place of a hair spray has just launched her own hair care line.

Tessica introduced her hairline Forever Hair on Wednesday, 16th June 2021. According to her, the hairline is made of all-natural ingredients which helped her hair grow back.

In an interview with CNN, she said, 

“I launched these products to help not only myself but other people like me that need help growing their hair. I am so excited about this launch because these products were doing so well for me, I couldn’t wait for them to help other people.”

It would be recalled that in February, Tessica had sought treatment after applying Gorilla Glue to her hair in place of her usual Got2b Glued hair spray. All attempts to remove/wash it off proved abortive for up to a month. Attempting to wash it off with water made it itch and harden even more.

Not long after, she sought medical treatment and underwent a four-hour procedure. At this time, her social media videos about the incident had racked up millions of views, as more people became obsessed with her predicament. A go fund me was also opened on her behalf.

Gorilla glue is a waterproof glue meant to be used to fix bathroom tiles, wood flooring etc. The procedure was done by Dr. Michael Obeng who used a medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and even acetone to remove the glue. Most of the hair had to be cut off.

Today, Tessica Brown has grown 3 inches of hair in just 2 months. She posted a video on Instagram describing the oil as a lifesaver.

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