Foolproof Ways to Involve an Uninterested Groom in Wedding Planning

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s common knowledge that it’s usually the bride pulling all the strings, making all of the decisions, and giving instructions to everyone involved in the wedding. In some cases, the groom might have about 30% of input, but even those 30% are more often than not influenced by the bride’s likes and dislikes. After all, it’s her day, right? Well… In reality, it should be their day, so why not let the groom have some fun with the planning as well. Here’s how to have fun and enjoy the wedding planning process with the groom fully involved. 

Give him choices 

Most husbands-to-be simply give up when it comes to planning and let the bride take over. In other words, they could care less about the colors, flowers, even the food they’ll eat at their own wedding. On one hand, this can be viewed as a positive, even romantic gesture which points to their trust in their bride; they trust that she will pick the perfect elements and create a magical atmosphere on the big day for the both of them. On the other hand, it can get a bit lonely for the bride when she’s on her own deciding on all the details. To make it easier for the groom, give him choices when it comes to fun details like food. The secret, however, is to keep it between 3-4 choices. For instance, don’t overwhelm him with 10 cake flavors – give him 3 choices and have him choose the one he likes the most. The same goes for other details like wedding jewelry; nowadays, there are hundreds of wedding band designs to choose from. Wedding rings come in rose gold, white gold, silver and even platinum just to name a few types. Knowing what he likes should make it easy for you to present him a few options (again keep it down to 3).

Be open to his ideas

Be ready for some silliness. In other words, your groom might have some unique requests – in most cases, they are sports related, like having a football shaped cake. If you’re also into sports, why not grant him this one wish. After all, what matters is that he’s happy, too. The same goes for clothes – if he’s set on an outfit that is not your all-time-favorite per se, but he still looks great in it, why not embrace it and let him be comfortable in what he likes. 

Focus on having fun together

The wedding day will come and go, but the choice is up to you how you’re going to navigate the planning process. At the end of the day however, try not to lose focus on what really matters – having fun, laughing about the silly stuff, and bonding over what you have in common.

As tedious as wedding planning can be, there are ways to keep it fun, and get even the most uninterested groom involved in a fun way. Help him want to be a part of it – after all, you’ll enjoy his company, too. 

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