Empowering the Next Generation: Saweetie’s Mission to Increase Financial Literacy

Saweetie is passionate about empowering the next generation of young people, and she is doing so through her new six-week financial literacy course.

As part of her Icy Baby Foundation, Saweetie has launched an official initiative to teach kids and teenagers the skills they need to follow their dreams. Eligible youth between the ages of 7-17 will receive a funded debit card, educational resources, and information about savings, budgeting, and financial planning through this program.

Saweetie explained that her goal with the Icy Baby Foundation is to increase financial literacy in marginalized communities and help young people reach their full potential. She kicked off the initiative in Elk Grove near Sacramento, and will also host an event in Oakland this weekend.

The program officially launches in January 2023, and Saweetie is dedicated to continuing her work with the Icy Baby Foundation by reaching out to youth across the country. She hopes to inspire a new generation of “Icy Babies” through her efforts. And with her passion and determination, we have no doubt that she will succeed in her mission.

We applaud Saweetie for her dedication and sense of purpose and wish her all the best in her work to empower the next generation of young people. Here’s to a bright future for our Icy Babies!

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