IWMF’s Reporting Grants for Women’s Stories Initiative 2019 – $5000

The IWMF’s Reporting Grants for Women’s Stories, sponsored by The Secular Society, is a funding initiative supporting journalism produced by and about women.

Call for Applications: Gender Hub Manager at UN WOMEN in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

As part of the Rohingya humanitarian response in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, UN Women is establishing a “Gender Hub” with the objective of strengthening accountability

Nominate A Woman Today For The 2019 AWIEF Awards

Each year the AWIEF Awards recognise, honour and celebrate Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in Africa and across industry sectors, for their economic performance and contribution to Africa’s growth and social development.

€25,000 Grant L’Oreal-UNESCO Fellowships for African Women in Science 2019

The L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Sub-Saharan Africa programme aims to promote and encourage young African women in science.

SVRI Forum 6th Global Conference on Violence Against Women 2019

SVRI Forum is the world’s key research conference on violence against women and other forms of violence driven by gender inequality in low and middle-income countries.

WomEng/Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Innovation Fellowship for Female Innovators 2019

The Africa Innovation Fellowship, powered by WomEng and the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation is a nine-month leadership and business development opportunity for female African innovators with an early stage engineering innovation or startup.

The Next Generation Women Leaders Event 2019 in Paris – Fully Funded

McKinsey invites female students (graduating no later than in 2020) and professionals with fewer than 8 years of experience based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to join for the Next Generation Women Leaders event.

Call for Writings: Enhancing Women Participation in the African Space Industry– Essay Competition 2019

So, we want to hear from you! In 500 – 750 words, tell us how we can get more women in Africa to pursue a career in space science and technology: “What will it take to enhance the participation of women and girls in space in Africa?”

Be a Part of 2019 Accelerate Filmmaker Project, Start Your Journey to Becoming a Filmmaker

Are you ready for the biggest Film Academy in Nigeria? The Accelerate Filmmaker Project (AFP) is back for season 3 and this year, the academy is expanding to take on more trainees.

Self-Esteem and Leadership Programme International Women’s Day Edition 2019

Female And More (FAM) is a self-esteem and leadership initiative of Youngstars Foundation that is increasing females’ self-esteem, promoting women equity and harnessing females’ innate leadership capabilities in order for women to reach their fullest leadership potentials in any chosen field of endeavor.

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