Here Is How You can Become a Student of The University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is rated 3rd in the UK for Quality of Teaching by the Guardian University Guide 2019.

Make Your Job Description About Activities

Here’s how to write a job description that will attract the right candidates. “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

4 Ways To Handle A Strained Business Relationship

A strained relationship can be one of the most distressing things to cope with. Whether it is a relationship with a loved one, friend, or a business partner/colleague.

10 Time Management Quotes You Need To Know

Time management is the way of arranging and practicing cognizant control of time spent on explicit exercises, particularly to build viability, effectiveness, and efficiency. It includes a juggling demonstration of different requests upon an individual identifying with work, public activity, family, leisure activities, individual interests and responsibilities with the limit of time.

Register For The 2018 Chimamanda Creative Writing Workshop Now Called The Purple Hibiscus Trust Creative Writing Workshop

This year, just like she promised, she is back and better. This time, the Chimamanda Creative Writing workshop has returned as the Purple Hibiscus Trust Creative Writing Workshop. It is also sponsored by Trace Nigeria, a platform with over 200 million viewers and listeners in 160 countries.

Femfunds is giving interest free loan to Nigerian women in business

Femfunds, a non profit organization that offers interest free loans (with no collateral) and other resources i.e advisory, branding etc to female owned small businesses.

Winners of 2018 SME 100 Nigeria 25 Under 25 Awards

According to Charles Odii, small and medium scale businesses which start out and crash mostly do so because of lack of moral support. This is the reason why SME 100 Nigeria 25 under 25 awards was born.

Ibadan Business School Presents Start X&Y Accelerator Program

Are you an entrepreneur? Or looking to start your own business? Are you based in Ibadan? Then this opportunity is for you! The Ibadan Business School presents its accelerator program for businesses, Start X&Y Accelerator Program. 

BlankPaperz Launches Powerful A-Writers Masterclass to Develop Young Writers in Calabar, an international platform that supports young writers across Africa, has launched the A-Writers Masterclass, a 3-day event scheduled to hold from June 14-16, 2018 at the James Ene Henshaw Foundation Center, Calabar. The goal of this writers masterclass...

What Not To Do When Going For A Job Interview

Interviews generally serve as make or break points in the quest to acquire gainful employment. And as such, people are usually filled with a plethora of what to do to ensure a successful job interview and they usually neglect the aspect of what not to do.

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Where Exactly Is Kainene?

We all love Chimamanda Adichie but when it comes to Kainene, it is one thing she's done that drove us crazy. First she makes us think little of this character,

Dora Siliya, Zambia’s Information Minister Tests Positive For Corona Virus

The minister of information and broadcasting in Zambia, Minister Dora Siliya announced on Saturday May 23, that she has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Here Is Why Heartbreak Insurance Is Fast Becoming A Thing

Have you heard about heartbreak insurance? Apparently, there is something called a heartbreak insurance policy supposed to help cushion the effect of heartbreak.

#PIAPlaneCrash : Top Pakistani Model, Zara Abid Reportedly Among The 97 People Killed In Plane Crash

Zara Abid, top Pakistani model is feared to be among the 97 people killed on a passenger aircraft which crashed into a housing estate on Friday.

Netflix Star And Japanese Wrestler Hana Kimura Dies At 22

Professional Japanese wrestler and Netflix star, Hana Kimura has died at the age of 22. The Netflix star had appeared in the latest series of Netflix reality show, Terrace House.