Australian Women to Receive Leaving Violence Payment of $5000

In a bid to curb violence against women, Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese has announced the “leaving violence payment” of $5,000 to help victims of violence leave abusive relationships.

This was disclosed by the prime minister after a national cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The leaving violence aid will help women meet the costs of leaving a relationship along with services, risk assessments and safety planning.

Funds will be available from mid-2025, providing eligible victim survivors up to $1,500 in cash and up to $3,500 in goods and services for up to 12 weeks.

According to the national cabinet, it shows that financial insecurity is closely linked to violence and can prevent women from leaving a violent relationship.

Statistics reveal that 85% of women in abusive relationships find it difficult to leave because of financial constraints.

More government policies like this should be implemented globally as this would curb incidents of violence against women.

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