Amid Ongoing Legal Battle, Court Grants Porsha Williams Residence in Simon Guobadia’s Home

American celebrity couple Porsha Williams and Simon Guobodia have been in the news following their rocky divorce.

Following her return announcement, Porsha filed for divorce from Simon in February 2024 after 15 months of marriage.

The ex-couple’s public and legal battles have been intense, with accusations flying from both sides.

Disputes over the prenup and allegations like hiring a gunman and changing locks have added to the drama.

Simon even sought to keep Porsha away from their shared mansion.

Despite the turmoil, it seems like Porsha may have the upper hand in the end.

Simon Guobadia claims Porsha Williams didn’t sign her prenup in “good faith” before they got married.

Simon, in court documents from March 27, 2024, requested a review of the prenuptial agreement signed by him and Porsha on Nov. 17, 2022.

The businessman emphasized the need for additional information to determine the circumstances surrounding the contract.

He also urged the court to evaluate the validity and interpretation of the agreement before enforcing it.

Simon expressed his belief that Porsha never intended to stay married when she signed the prenup, stating, “Upon information and belief, the Petitioner-Wife [Porsha] did not enter into the Prenuptial Agreement in good faith, or to remain in the marriage with her Husband long-term,” as noted in the filing.

Simon’s motion also included a request for a restraining order against his estranged wife.

He urged the court to use its equitable powers to keep Porsha away, citing an alleged violation of their Standing Order from a previous filing.

Simon asked for Porsha to stay away from their home and their children, and requested that she remain in her own home known as “Porsha’s Palace.”

However, in May 2024, Porsha Williams was granted “immediate sole and exclusive use” of the marital home she shared with Simon Guobadia by the Fulton County Court.

The court documents revealed that Porsha now has full access to the marital residence.

Furthermore, Simon is prohibited from entering the home without prior communication with Porsha via text or email.

Similarly, Porsha is not permitted to visit Simon’s residence without obtaining permission.

Simon remains responsible for his share of the marital house expenses, including the monthly mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, utilities, security system, landscaping, and association dues.
Porsha, on the other hand, is solely responsible for paying the household bills.

Additionally, Porsha’s financial stability from her involvement in RHOA remains secure according to the legal documents.

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