Add Shine and Brightness to the 3D Crystal

A 3D crystal is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to your loved ones. You can the photo of your loved one engraved in this crystal and turn it into the best souvenir out there. Not only photos, you can customize the pieces as per your wishes and also add notes or poems to them. Available in various sizes, the thoughtful gift will surprise the receiver and will preserve the 3D photos for years to come. A look at this gift and all the beautiful memories will come rushing to the receiver. Although the 3D crystal is a magnificent and complete gift in itself, you can also add to its beauty.

So, how can you make your thoughtful gift of a photo crystal block more admirable and beautiful? The answer is simple. Using lights, you can add more colour and shine to your gift article. These photo blocks have three-dimensional images that float inside solid crystals thanks to laser engraving. The photo block designed can be fixed over a led light base for 3d crystal. These lights can uplift the structure of your crystal and make it look even more graceful. You can keep this beautiful article as a decoration piece in your home, and you will see guests cannot stop talking about it!

Stands to make your 3D crystal stand out!

The stands are made of structurally coloured materials in thin-film systems, and the patterns etched into the films or the particles embedded in them give them their varying hue. Only one apparent shade of light reflects out when light strikes one of these film systems due to interference effects. The led light base for 3D crystal can be made available in different sizes and materials. Depending on how you want your gift to look, you can select your base in accordance with it. Not only does it add shine and grace to your article, but it also prevents further damage and keeps it safe for an extended period of time.

Varied bases have different functions and fit in with how you want your article to be perceived. You can have a rotating base or a still one with lights of your choice. A wide variety of products can fit your choice and customize your precious gift accordingly.

LED Light Bases are a fantastic way to showcase your sparkling crystal gifts in a way that makes it simpler to exhibit Crystals more elegantly and correctly, making them the ideal gift for special occasions.

Life goes around in circles. It’s best that we preserve the good moments with our close ones and admire them for life. The combo of 3D crystal and LED stand will keep your golden moments alive for years with our best services. So get your 3D crystal cubes now and add another flavour of shine with the glittering lights of your choice and appropriate base. Exciting! Isn’t it?

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