8 Rules of Vaping Etiquette to Follow

Vaping has quickly replaced smoking cigarettes as the go-to stress reliever. Whether you indulge in smoking during your lunch break or in the company of friends–there are situations in which smoking is appropriate and others in which it is just impolite.

Whether you want to vape in public, it’s still courteous to ask if it’s okay. Therefore, decent people have a rough idea of the proper vaping etiquette. Basic vaping don’ts include but are not limited to: mealtimes, zoom calls, workplace meetings, and crowded spaces.

You are not alone in questioning whether or not vaping is for you–but we can help you decide! The following are some generally agreed-upon rules of vaping etiquette that you should observe.

First, Why Practice Vaping Etiquette?

The popularity of vape kits has soared in recent years. Sadly, the bad connotations attached to smoking have transitioned to vaping. That’s why vapers try to find the nearest vaping stores looking for more discreet products.

We can try reducing the stigma associated with vaping by adhering to the following set of rules and norms:

1.   Don’t Blow Vapor in People’s Faces

It isn’t polite to blow smoke in other people’s faces, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vaper. It would be best if you didn’t vape in public since no one wants to inhale your vapour.

Even while the vapour from e-cigarettes isn’t as harmful as tobacco smoke, it may still irritate the respiratory system. Be wary of anyone you attempt to “seduce” with the smoke since this irritation may quickly worsen. Avoid exposing others to secondhand vapour by smoking only in enclosed, smoke-free spaces.

2.   Stealth Vaping

We must admit–we have done our fair share of stealth vaping, both in the workplace and other public spaces. However, you should never try secretly vaping in forbidden places since the locals can become angry if they get wind of your actions. Also, it won’t do anything to improve our image as vapers–on the contrary, it will make things worse!

3.   Vaping Indoors

Many bars and clubs now have designated smoking areas, but you don’t want to assume they do and light up inside. Regardless if you spot anybody lighting up, investigate if there’s a designated smoking or vaping area first.

You should probably ask if you can’t find a designated smoking area or smoking sign. They’ll be glad you asked, and you probably won’t be the only one who does so that day.

When visiting someone’s house, you should follow the same rules of etiquette. It’s always a good idea to double-check with your host before lighting up inside their home.

4.   Don’t Be a Vape Snob

Some people who use electronic cigarettes indeed have a superiority complex about the technical capabilities of their gadgets. Those who smoke using one-of-a-kind steampunk mechanical mods may have trouble understanding the appeal of cigalikes for their fellow smokers.

However, the gadget a person need is unique to them and their tastes, experiences, and technical skill. Of course, debate and suggestions are vital, but vape snobbery is never acceptable.

5.   Never Puff on Someone Else’s Vape Without Their Permission

You and your pals may have a regular smoking ritual, but it isn’t polite to sample someone else’s vape juice without their permission. Just be sure to get the other person’s permission before testing their vape.

There’s also always a chance they’re ill or germ-averse, so it’s essential to check with them first. This will keep you secure and show them that you value their possessions.

6.   Don’t Judge Smokers

Many people transitioning from nicotine smoking to vaping can be very judgmental of smokers. So, it’s often that a group of vapers believes that, now that they have transitioned to electronic cigarettes, they may judge and criticize smokers like nonsmokers.

But shouldn’t those who choose to smoke be allowed to do so?

7.   Don’t Vape and Eat

Many people like smoking cigarettes or vaping as a relaxing pastime, especially during their lunch periods.        

However, you should probably wait for your coworkers to finish eating before you light up a vaporizer. The odor may be particularly offensive to certain people when it is close to their meal.

Ultimately, the best course of action is lighting up and eating with your vaping friends.

8.   Don’t Put On an Air of Vaping Superiority

Always do your vaping tricks in a pleasant setting and only if someone asks you to. You may be surrounded by inexperienced cloud chasers who have never heard of circles. To avoid making somebody feel inadequate, you should wait to do vaping tricks until you are requested to do so.

Wrap Up

The wisest words you’ll hear: keep your vaping opinions to yourself, respect others’ personal space, and don’t make anyone feel inadequate!

If you follow these guidelines, vaping will be more enjoyable for you and others around you. With shared efforts, you can potentially improve the public’s perception of vaping and its users.

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