6 Money Management Apps To Help You Save And Manage Money

Are you looking to save and manage money a little bit more this year? The year might just have
kicked off, and you might think it’s too early to start talking savings especially off the back of a
tedious and spend-heavy December.

Money Management Apps

But, if anything, starting early is an essential part of not falling victim to January’s penchant for
depleting funds. Below, we’ll be looking at some of the best money management apps for the
year. They are all affordable, helpful and easy to use, get ahead of your finances this new
decade with these very useful apps.


This is an excellent app for those seeking to properly manage money. Mint is a free app that
helps you accomplish several financial tasks at the same time. You can make budgets, pay bills,
keep an eye on investments, track spending, and so much more. With the app, you are able to
harmonize all your accounts and thanks to the bill payment reminder feature, you never have to
forget to pay your bills again. You can also get free tips on making a budget which is
customized on your spending pattern. You can download it anytime, anywhere and it is
available on PC, Mac, Tablet or your mobile device.


If the ‘single’ moniker no longer applies to you and you have a significant other, then
Goodbudget is the app for you. It employs the classic ‘envelope’ system for its budgeting. With
this app, you and your partner can set up a budget system and ensure you adhere to it.
It also comes with a sharing feature which allows you to avoid any nasty surprises in the
budgeting department. It’s a free app that only requires you to sign up. You can, of course,
move to a paid version where you get to enjoy unlimited accounts and better support.


Prism could be your best friend if forgetting to pay bills on time is a problem for you. It helps
sync all your account balances and helps to pay bills on time. It’s easy to understand and use
and you can even pay your bills directly from the app. It also has other features such as the
scheduler which lets you plan your payments. Just find what system works for you and use it.

You Need a Budget

Well… you do need a budget, but that’s also the name of the app. It helps you create budgets
and also does a lot of work in ensuring you stay disciplined in your savings goals. The app is
easy to use and also quite flexible which means you can change your goal, or add something
new to the budget. It aims to ensure that you end the month with no surprises. It isn’t free, but
you can start out with the free version and decide if you would like to continue with it. You can
even fit the monthly fee for the app into your budget 😀


For those who want to not only save, but also invest, this is a pretty useful app to get for
yourself. With a user-friendly interface which helps direct you to the right investment option,
Acorns is the ideal companion for you. It puts together spare change and helps you invest it in a
diversified investment portfolio. You can even save for the future as the app recommends IRAs
that work for you. It is available on the PC, Mac, Android, iOS and so on and only requires about
a dollar a month to use.


There’s nothing better than indoctrinating kids into the art of saving at an early age. With the
help of FamZoo, you can do this with little to no hassle at all. It allows parents to give children
prepaid cards which can be loaded with money. The money can come from different sources
including pocket money, gifts and other sources. FamZoo allows parents to properly train their
kids on the importance of saving and money management. You can also set up different
account for the kids which they can use to save, give or spend. It is not a free app, but with its
various features, it is a very small price to pay.

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