Thursday, September 16, 2021

20 Facts You Should Know About Dana Chanel

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Dana Chanel is an entrepreneur and founder of Curl Bible an online beauty store and an online Christian ministry app, Sprinkle of Jesus.  Recently, she founded Jumping Jack Taxes with her husband, Prince Donnell. Jumping Jack Tax is a company aimed at innovating the tax preparation business in the United States.

On her Instagram page, she shared 20 facts about herself.

facts about dana chanel

1. My full name is Casey Dana Olivera
2. My birthday is January 14, 1994 (26 years old)
3. I’ve been with my husband @princedonnell going on 5 years.
4. I use to work the front desk of a strip club until I started my first business @sprinkleofjesus with my dad @hiphopmagician
5. My dad and I actually hated each other, it took prayer, forgiveness and obedience for us to build an empire and get our family on one accord.
6. Here are all our family businesses: @curlbible @sprinkleofjesus @alakazamapps @jumpingjacktax @earncompany
7. Yes I want babies, but unfortunately had miscarriages. I actually want like 7 kids, we’ll start when it happens.
8. I have lots of siblings and their all entrepreneurs in all the different businesses! You’ll see me talk about them on Instastory.
9. I’ll be running for president 2032 election.
10. I hateeeee hearing food in people’s mouth. So freaking disgusting.
11. I’m obsessed with smelling like a goddess so my husband and I created
12. Last year we purchased 1.5 million dollars worth of real estate in Philadelphia so you’ll see that when this COVID19 stuff is over.
14. Born in Brooklyn, grew up in Middletown DELAWARE.
15. I am super athletic, can still tumble from cheerleading in high school and love working out. I recently lost all my new entrepreneur weight.
16. @sprinkleofjesus is still the number on Christian app in the world.
17. “I love helping people” nah I love fighting for people, I am strong anointed,l and by the grace of God chosen and changing the world to help families become spiritually and financially wealthy.
18. I rather sit in front of my computer building an app and fixing problems then at an award show or speaking engagement. I cant even tell you when I made my first million dollars because I’m so psycho crazy about working. Haven’t taken a vacation or anything for the last 5 years.
19. Recently bought the @sprinkleofjesus mansion where we let entrepreneurs live with us so we can teach them about business.
20. I can eat Mexican food for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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