The Meaning Behind Kate Bush’s Iconic Running up That Hill

With popular tracks like Wuthering Heights, the 63-year-old English singer-songwriter Kate Bush launched her debut album The Kick Inside in 1978, sparking an addiction.

Nobody now sounds quite like Kate Bush – she is a musical marvel adored by musicians and non-musicians alike.

Stranger Things season 4 primarily incorporates the beginning track, which has made the cherished cut a chart-topping success decades after its premiere. With such widespread exposure, though, listeners are inquisitive about the meaning of Kate Bush’s song Running Up That Hill.

When analyzing the lyrical content of Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), the lyric “running up that hill” relates to difficulty and effort; nonetheless, it must be interpreted and comprehended within the context of the song’s entire meaning.
Overall, the lyrics of Running Up That Hill depict the story of a couple who wishes they could make a deal with God and trade lives.

According to NME, with the release of new Stranger Things episodes this week, streaming of Running Up That Hill has increased by 153 percent.
Kate Bush has commented to the single’s comeback of popularity on her official website, noting that it has re-entered the Official UK Singles Chart’s Top 10.

“It’s all very thrilling,” she said after expressing her admiration for Stranger Things.

Despite the fact that she is a living legend among music fans, it’s fantastic to see her incredible back catalog being discovered by a new generation.

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