Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tanzania Bans Rapper Rosa Ree For 6 Months For Raunchy Video

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The Tanzania Music Regulatory Board has banned rapper Rosa Ree from taking part in music related activities within or outside the country from the next 6 months over a raunchy music video which she did with her Kenyan Boyfriend and fellow musician, Timmy Tdat.

The video titled “Vitamin U” features two artistes in a bubble bath before hitting the bathroom for a continuation of the romance.

Tanzania Bans Rapper Rosa Ree For 6 Months For Raunchy Video

The ban means that Rosa Ree cannot also release any new song for the 6 month period. The song had earlier been flagged down and pulled off YouTube due to its obscene content. Following which the video was re-edited by Rosa and re-uploaded.

According to the acting CEO of the board, Onesmo Kayanda, the decision was made after finding out that Rosa Ree went against the country’s morals and regulations.

He said,

We summoned Rosa Ree and granted her a hearing. The board found her with two mistakes other than sharing explicit content online. One, she never brought the project to Basata for review and two she did not enter into a contract with the international artiste she collaborated with as per the law.

Her partner, Timmy Tdat is however unaffected by this ban.Kenya.

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