Initiatives in Art and Culture and the World Gold Council Announce an International Women’s Day Webinar, Considering the Role of Women in Gold Mining

Celebrating the contributions of women to society, and their social, economic, and scientific achievements, International Women’s Day offers a moment to reflect on how women have transformed the global landscape. While the opportunities for women are publicized in the gem and jewellery sector, the challenges faced by women in gold mining are often left unaddressed. On March 8 2022, International Women’s Day, Initiatives in Art and Culture will consider the roles women play, from artisanal and small-scale mining to large scale operations during a one-and-a-half-hour virtual event.

Lisa Koenigsberg
Lisa Koenigsberg

Lisa Koenigsberg, President of Initiatives in Art and Culture, says, “We look forward to a rewarding conversation about the current situations of women in extractive industries and their role along the entire value chain. The goal of the discussion is to further equity in the mining sector, a goal which is linked to the realization of the UN SDGs. Equality is a fact, and IAC is committed to its realization. This first webinar on women in mining follows our participation in the RJC’s SDG5 initiative, and we have only just begun. We are honored to partner with the World Gold Council.”

The March 8th virtual event will feature a powerhouse of women in gold mining: Adiki Ofeibea Ayitevie, Vice President, Sustainability & External Relations, Newmont Africa, Georgette Barnes Sakyi-Addo, Founder and Executive Director, Georgette Barnes Ltd. and Founder/President, Women in Mining – Ghana (WIM – Gh), Daniela Colaiacovo, Co-founder and CEO of Makal, and Anny Jaramillo, Mining Engineer and Planning Director, “Chede” Mining Organization. The webinar will be moderated by Lisa Koenigsberg, President, Initiatives in Art and Culture and by Terry Heymann, Chief Financial Officer, World Gold Council.

Daniela Colaiacovo
Adiki Ofeibea Ayitevie
Georgette Barnes Sakyi-Addo

Led by experts with on the ground experience, “Digging Deep,” The International Women’s Day panel discussion, will cover challenges in an infiltered way. Topics include: specific career trajectories including challenges, milestones, and influences; gender bias; encouragement of and opportunities for young women in mining; cultural impact; geological and environmental impact on gender-related issues; and the realities behind the quest for equal opportunity. Insights from the viewpoints of gold production in the ASM and LSM sectors, advocacy, branding, and setting responsible sourcing standards will provide lively discourse, furthering transparency in the precious metals, mining, and jewelry sectors, including in the trade.

Makal initiatiave launched during the pandemic to support eight ASM run by women to reduce the use of mercury. Photo, courtesy: Makal

Terry Heymann, Chief Financial Officer of World Gold Council says, “We are delighted to be partnering with Initiatives in Arts and Culture on the upcoming webinar ‘Digging Deep: Women’s Roles in the Gold Mining Sector and the Quest for Equity.’ I look forward to this webinar and to speaking with our panel about their personal journeys, why they entered the sector and how the sector can attract and retain more female talent.” 

Whether new to the trade or a seasoned industry veteran, the dialogue will offer insight and analysis of where the gold mining sector is now, and what it will take to bridge the gender gap needed to level up. International Women’s Day offers the opportune platform for exploring relevancy and impact that women have introduced into the gold mining sector, historically and continually.

All those participating in the gold and jewelry supply chain are encouraged to join the virtual symposium. For complimentary registration to attend “Digging Deep: Women’s Roles in the Gold Mining Sector and the Quest for Equity click here. To learn more about Initiatives in Art and Culture, visit, call 646-485-1952, or email [email protected]. For press or media coverage inquiries, images, additional speaker quotes, or interviews, contact Pietra Communications at 212-913-9761 or email [email protected].

About Initiatives in Art and Culture

Initiatives in Art and Culture (IAC) educates diverse audiences in visual culture, including the fine and decorative arts. A commitment to authenticity, to artisanry, and to materials undergirds all considerations undertaken by IAC, as does a mindfulness of sustainability and of our obligations to the planet.  Each IAC undertaking is marked by a commitment to bringing together representatives from every sector, with thought leaders from other disciplines, industries, and institutions to undertake cross-disciplinary approaches outside conventional industry discourse. IAC’s goal is to initiate dialogue and challenge all to integrate change without fear.

IAC’s primary activities are conferences, webinars, publications, and exhibitions that take an interdisciplinary approach, considering issues related to fabrication, connoisseurship, cultural patrimony and preservation, and the future of culture. IAC’s projects have been supported by a wide array of individual, corporate, and foundation funders.

About The World Gold Council

The World Gold Council is the market development organization for the gold industry. Its purpose is to stimulate and sustain demand for gold, provide industry leadership, and be the global authority on the gold market. 

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