Here Is How To Avoid Sexual Assault – by Biyi Tudors

Biyi shares how to avoid sexual assault

Watch what you are wearing! if you feel you may sexually assault somebody, it is best to wear a shirt that says “rapist” so that others can steer clear.

how to avoid sexual assault by biyi tudors

Beware of drugs! do not put drugs in drinks that are not yours.

When walking at night, do not sexually assault those around you.

When somebody is helping you with car troubles (or you are helping somebody else), do not sexually assault them.

Be mindful of others in your neighborhood. do not follow, harass, break in, or sexually assault them.

When encountering someone who is asleep, the safest course of action is to not sexually assault them.

Be careful around alcohol if it causes you to become violent or sexually assault others.

Use the buddy system! if it is inconvenient for you to stop yourself from sexually assaulting someone, carry a guardian with you at all times.

Carry a whistle. if you find yourself about to sexually assault someone, blow the whistle until somebody arrives.

Some of these tips are from fort saskatchewan victim services unit, feel free to add your own and continue to help others avoid sexual assault!!!

It shouldn’t be a girls responsibility to be prepared for an attacker and live in a constant state of fear. As men we should be vigilant enough to see and stop this kind of behavior at a bar, party etc.

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