Dignity:Liberia to Prevent Suffering for African Women

Dignity:Liberia, a non-profit organization with ten years of experience in providing maternal care is seeking donors for its new maternity waiting home, House of Hope and Dignity, through their Big Push fundraising campaign.

This home will address a common but preventable injury – obstetric fistula. Obstetric fistula impacts about 1,200 Liberian women annually.

It is a severe tear between a woman’s birth canal and her bladder or her rectum, typically resulting from obstructed labour or from sexual assault. On average, Liberian fistula patients are seventeen years old and have had their fistula for five years.

Without prevention or treatment of fistulas, they can expect lifelong suffering from physical pain, social shame, and chronic symptoms like incontinence.  

Dignity:Liberia’s House of Hope and Dignity will help prevent fistula by providing regular obstetric appointments to identify high-risk patients and provide attended births.

Close to the local hospital, patients will also experience lower birth mortality. Partnership with the Liberian government and its citizens will be critical to ensuring the facility’s sustainability.

The House of Hope and Dignity will be constructed by Liberians and, once operational, it will be staffed by a local workforce.

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