Being a Good Weed-Smoking Mom: Parenting with Cannabis

What is a cannamom? Simply put, it’s a mother who enjoys a toke or two of the holy herb. Many moms claim that ingesting marijuana makes them better parents and that the stigma associated with weed isn’t justified. Mothers often have to juggle many tasks.

They carry the stress of running daily household errands, and many have demanding careers and social lives to attend to. It can get overwhelming sometimes, and that’s where buds from beginner cannabis seeds could help take the pressure off.

Moms who smoke weed state that it helps keep them calm in the same way that a glass of chardonnay does for others.

Are you ready to discover more about 420-friendly parenting?

Let’s dive right in.

Is Cannamoms a New Trend?

While some parents have indulged in marijuana for several years, the 420 scene is new to many. The recent changes in weed laws and global acceptance of the substance have reduced the stigma around it.

The benefits of hemp and CBD are gaining international credibility, and curious moms are more likely to dabble with the substance than ever before.

There are various options for those who don’t want to smoke, and there are lots of weed-friendly recipes on the internet. People are also doing more cannabis research and trying it with a fresh perspective.

So, it looks like the concept of mom’s weed isn’t simply a passing trend but rather a new relaxation treat.

Canna Mama Benefits

Mothers who indulge in weed claim they experience multiple benefits when consuming it. Some even grow best weed seeds in their gardens, so they don’t run out of buds. Some advantages include:

Feeling Calmer

Mothers face constant pressures and need to change roles several times a day. They must be loving, caring, assertive, and firm while showing emotional support and setting boundaries.

Many moms also have a professional persona when they go to work, and switching gears can be challenging. Cana moms find that taking a small dose of weed upon returning home makes this transition easier.

A toke or two makes you less likely to snap or yell at your kids over minor issues. It’s also easier to leave your stress at the door and engage calmly in family activities.

Being Fully Present

There’s so much to worry about when you’re a parent that it’s sometimes easier to function on autopilot. Despite what moms think, kids notice.

Canna mamas find that after ingesting weed, they can be more present and focus their complete attention on their kids. It helps create quality time and enriches the experience for both parent and child.

There are many fun activities available for your children. Why not spend some quality time together during their next summer break?


While this advantage seems obvious, for a busy mom, it tops the list. With so much responsibility to shoulder, parents don’t often get time to unwind.

Tension and frustration build up, which leads to exhaustion and burnout, ultimately impacting the kids. Marijuana moms have a way to reduce these heavy emotions so that they can offer their children the best versions of themselves.

A calm, happy mom is likelier to parent in a way that results in content, well-rounded kids. The tranquility mothers experience from cannabis typically has a ripple effect.

Having a short time to release stress impacts your whole demeanor and mindset so you can perform at your peak. There are so many parenting do’s and don’ts in your life, so you’ve earned a time out.

How Cannamoms Enjoy Weed

There are so many options for ingesting marijuana. When it comes to strains, 420 loving moms have various choices to make.

First, you have to decide between CBD or THC buds. The former is used more medicinally, with relaxing qualities and no psychoactive effects. The latter takes you on a euphoric journey.

Once you figure out what strain will help you the most, decide how you want to ingest it.

Do you prefer an old-school joint, or are you more of an edibles person?

If you want to smoke it, methods include joints, blunts, bowls, or bongs. Alternatively, cook the marijuana into your favourite sweet treats.

Would you rather buy marijuana-infused products ready-made?

That’s an option, too—many stores and cannabis dispensaries stock items like CBD gummies, THC-infused beverages, and brownies. Most have labels indicating how much weed they contain.

Check the packaging and remember to start with small doses at first. Once you know what dosage of cannabis you’re comfortable with, increase the amount to achieve the desired effects.

Mom Weed for The Win

What is a cannamom? It’s a 420-friendly mother who knows how weed can help her cope with some of the issues that come with parenting.

Being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and marijuana is there to lend a helping hand if used correctly. Are you curious about how weed can positively affect your parenting?

Give it a try. Decide for yourself if cannabis and parenting go hand in hand.

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