Adena Hefets Biography: Age, Education, Career

Adena Hefets is a 34-year-old co-founder and CEO of Divvy Homes. She was born to immigrant parents and grew up in Long Island, New York.

Her passion for Divvy Homes comes from the fact that her family couldn’t get a mortgage, and so had to turn to seller financing in order to be able to afford a home.

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Adena Hefets has a Bachelor of Science in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University in 2009 and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University in 2016.


She started out her career as an intern for Goldman Sachs. Though her original intention was to be an investment analyst, the executives at Goldman Sachs had other ideas. They thought she would be a better fit in the human capital management department.

After graduating from college, she decided to go work for Merrill Lynch and an analyst, and when it was purchased by Bank of America, she transitioned to working for Bank of America.

She went on to become a private equity associate at TPG Capital and later on, a Product Manager and Financing Lead for Square and, a Venture Capital Investor at DFJ where she led their fintech financing practice.

In 2017, Adena Hefets joined Divvy Homes and she is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Divvy Homes.

Divvy enables prospective homebuyers to pick out a house they’d like to eventually own, buys it for them, and rents it out to them while also collecting gradual down payments—with an eye to eventually letting the buyer transition to a traditional mortgage.

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