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20 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Expenses

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Ever had a “where did all my money go” feeling? Well if you have, this article is for you. In fact, almost everyone has had that feeling. We live in uncertain times, and it has become imperative for us to watch our spendings and cut cost. Some of us have even had to cut our budget by a whopping 100%. 

20 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Expenses

Now, cutting your budget doesn’t mean that you have to live like you are some poor fellow, it just means that those unnecessary expenses be cut off so that you can have enough of your income left.

How do we propose you do this?

1. Make a budget of all your expected expenses

You know how many times you have bought that dress you did not need or that pizza you were not really hungry for? All of those could have been avoided if you had been mindful of your spending. The only way to be mindful of your spending is to actually write down what you are spending on.

2. Stop buying food in takeaway packs

How many times do you go to a restaurant and they charge you extra for the takeaway pack used in serving your food? Well you can cut cost by simply taking a food flask with you when next you buy.

3. Cook your own meal – in bulk quantities

This simply cannot be overstated. It is a known fact that cooking saves you money, but you know what saves you more money? Cooking in large quantities. Seriously, cooking in large amounts help you save time, energy and most importantly money!

4. Walk the distance

You do not need to board a vehicle or a bike every time. You just don’t need it for some distances. Walking more is great cardio, but it also helps you save money you would have otherwise spent on vehicular commute.

5. Ditch Uber and Taxify

Well, do you really need to take a cab? 

6. Reduce the rate at which you hangout with friends

Yes, there is only one thing hanging out does to your pocket, and that is drain it! We get, you cannot be an island, you need to see your friends. But do you need to see them that often?

7. Buy more thrift items

Now we do not mean that you should buy thrift items which you do not need. But we certainly mean you need to start thrifting more and buying designers or new items less. Let thrift items be the first go-to for you when you think of buying clothing. 

8. Buy more unbranded items

Okay, by now, we are sure you just want to kill us, but we aren’t even half way yet. You do not need those pretty branded items. They perform the same function as the unbranded ones.

9. Take your own lunch to work

Yes, this will totally help you avoid the temptation of splurging on food or snacks that are expensive.

10. Stop taking soda

Well this can be touted as being more for your health than your pocket. But in actual fact it would help you save up money. Think of everyday you take soda, now multiply the amount of soda you drink per day, to 365 which is the number of days in a year, now multiply that figure by the price of a bottle of soda. That is how much you will be saving.

11. Store up your lose change

You may be tempted to spend lose change and we do not want that, do we? You will be surprised at how much lose change you have been able to save by the end of the year.

12. Sell all your unwanted items

There are many ways to sell or auction off your unwanted items. Not only would this help you declutter your space, it will also help you to make extra cash. Why keep them when you don’t need them anyway.

13. Share your trips with your friend

Well, we know we said you shouldn’t take any more cabs. But in the event that you do, ensure you share that ride with a friend and split the bill. This would help you cut cost. Also, if you drive alone to work, ask around if there are people interested in carpooling with you. They must be paying of course.

14. Ensure that you are getting the best deal out of your insurance

Have you compared your insurance with other insurance packages? Whether, health, life, etc, it is important that you are getting the best deal for your money. Check that insurance package today. 

15. Do more whatsapp calls

You need to do a lot more whatsapp calls and less phone calls with your airtime. This is because whatsapp calls use very little data and are actually quality for conversations, especially with their end to end encryption. So you not only save your cash and airtime for emergencies, your conversations are also secure!

16. Do not buy on credit

This is as basic as it gets. Also avoid payday loans. Those are the actual ghetto!

17. Do It Yourself

There is basically nothing you cannot learn from the internet today. So instead of buying gifts that are expensive and cost an arm and a leg, make a personalized birthday card. We are counting on you!

18. Do you really need that beauty regimen?

Make use of natural skin treatments like coconut oil, almond oil, etc. You really do not need all of those fancy creams. All you need to have great skin in great diet and plenty of water. 

19. Work out at home

You may not really need that gym membership. Try working out at home and see if that works for you. It most likely will.

20. Save power

Turn off electrical appliances which you are not using at the moment. Also cut your cost by replacing your bulbs with energy saving ones.

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