Who is Kimberly Van Der Beek? Age and Career Explored

Kimberly Van Der Beek (neé Kimberly Brook) is a wellness writer and influencer.

Kimberly, a Seabeck, Washington native, studied communication minoring in sociology at Washington State University. After graduating, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she worked as a business consultant across nutrition, strategic advertising and publicity.

In more recent years, she has become known as an expert on all things wellness, having written on the topic for both People Magazine and Food Heals Nation. Kimberly also shares wellness content on her Instagram, where she has 227,000 followers.

Elsewhere she has also worked on the documentary Heads Up: The Disappearing Act of Vaginal Breech Delivery (2015) as well as producing the 2010 documentary Teenage Paparazzo.

How old is Kimberly Van Der Beek?
Kimberly Van Der Beek, who was born 22 March 1982, is currently 39 years old. As her husband is 44 this means James and Kimberly Van Der Beek have an age difference of five years.

Celebrating her latest birthday on Instagram in March, Kimberly wrote a lengthy caption as she reflected on the past year as well as sharing her appreciation for her family around her.

Ending the post, Kimberly penned: “And Mom, thank you for BIRTHING me on this day 39 years ago.”

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