Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Credit Store NG Is Allowing Nigerians Buy Gadgets Today And Pay Later

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Blessing Iyamadiken
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In December 2018, I had to get a new laptop. And the funds I had were already budgeted for other things. So, for like a day or two, I was legit confused. And that was when I stumbled on The Credit Store NG.

the credit store ng

The Credit Store NG is an e-commerce website on which you can buy products on credit. The products range from gadgets, computers and their accessories, house hold appliances and kitchen appliances  According to their website, I could spread my payment. Though I was a bit skeptical, I placed an order. Soon I was asked to submit some documents. In 24 hours, I was informed that I had passed verification.

I am not a salary earner, so I had to issue a blank cheque as collateral. And in less than 24 hours after verification, I got my laptop. The process is easy and stress-free. If you are looking to get any gadget or home appliance and you are low on funds, they are your best bet. It is even better if you are a salary earner, unlike me.

The verification process is where you may get rejected if you do not meet the standards. However, if you have a steady flow of income, a valid means of identification and an utility bill, you should not have a problem with being verified.

The Credit Store NG offers flexible  payment plans ranging from 3 to 4 months depending on how much you can afford. You also do not need a collateral to order any of the products on the website.

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